Daily Health Journal (Standard Cover)

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The Daily Health Journal is made for people who are trying to make major changes to their health habits. 

Details: 13 Week (undated)  This journal is designed to accommodate quick and efficient entries that capture the quality of daily dietary decisions, sleep and fitness without requiring calorie counting or rigorous exercise logging. If you are simply trying to adopt new health habits this journal offers a new, different approach to accountability that takes just minutes a day. Personal, hand-written journals or diaries offer a better view of your day than apps displayed on limited size phone screens - they also offer a degree of privacy not available with online solutions.  

  • PRIVATE AND SECURE WELLNESS SOLUTION - ELIMINATE CONCERNS ABOUT CYBERSECURITY OR HIPAA COMPLIANCE. These journals are the perfect answer for people who are reluctant to participate in online wellness or tracking programs due to privacy concerns.
  • PROMOTE SIMPLE LIFESTYLE CHANGES - the journal focuses on daily decisions that lead to physical and emotional wellness. 
  • QUICKLY AND EASILY TRACK EATING HABITS, hydration, exercise, weight, sleep quality/duration, and mood. Quarterly (13 week undated)
  • INTERMITTENT FASTING - when you eat is just as important as what you eat. The innovative color graphic lets you record the quality of food choices as well as the time between meals. 
  • SAVE TIME! - SIMPLE, QUICK FOOD JOURNALING - People often give up on cumbersome recording of daily diet. With this journal you can easily track and view sugar cravings and foods that cause inflammation and insulin resistance.
  • GRATITUDE JOURNAL - emotional health is an essential part of wellness
  • HEALTH CHECKLIST - the most important things you can do each day to create new healthy habits.
  • HEALTH GOALS AND BLOOD CHEMISTRY - the journal lets you capture key metrics from blood tests and doctor visits. Track daily commitment to health goals and weight loss targets